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About Barina Craft | Nautical Home Bar Furniture Designs

Mission - to bring the beauty and elegance of classic wooden boats indoors by  
creating truly unique heirloom quality furniture which is both functional and serves
as artwork or sculpture.

Philosophy - use the finest materials and exacting craftmanship to create home
bars & furniture which retain and prominently feature many nautical elements.

Biography - formed in 2007, Barina Craft's founder is a mechanical engineer with
a lifetime love of woodworking.  Experience includes the design & startup of a new
wood products facility for a major casket manufacturer, new home construction
and classic wooden boat restoration.

Our Company Name - ‘Barina’ is a portmanteau word combination of ‘bar’ and
‘marina’ devised to characterize our marine inspired bar furniture designs.  ‘Craft’
was added as a reflection of many of the antique and classic boat manufacturer's
names of the past.  Expanded to
‘bar in a craft’ captures the essence as well.
Photo © 2007 Sycamoetree - Harvey's Lake, Pennsylvania Classic Boat Show.
Note leftmost vessel above and compare features to pub designs shown.
Three classic wooden boats. Compare their features to nautical bar designs.
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Contact Information:

Barina Craft, LLC
7652 Sawmill Road #109
Dublin, Ohio  43016
“ You can create the atmosphere
of a classic yacht at home at last -
owing to a series of elegant home
bars produced by the company
Barina Craft combining the luxury
of natural wood and functional
design ”  ...  Luxury Xpression
Boat bars: indoor home bar design with marine inspiration.
Indoor home bars: pub bar for home entertaining.
Home wine bars: ultimate wine bar cabinet at home.
Nautically designed home bars: boat constructed bar for indoor home entertainment.
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Barina Craft's nautical boat bars, in from the outdoors.