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Home Bars & Classic Wooden Boats Comparison:

Barina Craft's bars are designed and constructed from the ground up to be fully functional and bartender / patron friendly while retaining and
adapting as many wooden boat nautical design elements as possible. The two runabouts below (foreground left) and (close up right) feature
protruding moulding on their decks. Our recessed bar top raises the entire covering board up versus an extension of the topside planks or a
partial lip. The photo below left was taken at the St. Michael's Antique & Classic Boat Show in Maryland with the leftmost boat displaying very
dark walnut or almost black covering boards.
Two classic wooden runabout boats docked opposite on the same pier.
Barina Craft's recessed bar top uses the whole covering board vs. partially as in this boat's bow molding.
Photo © 2006 Tim Rochte
Photo © Ulis Fleming
A bevy of blondes all lined up on
display at the Lake Tahoe
Concours d'Elegance Antique
and Classic Wooden Boat Show
near the California | Nevada
border. The two occupying most
of the picture have a "blonde"
stain applied on the center king
planks, cockpit surrounds and
the wrap around spray rails. The
runabout in the foreground also
sports blonde ceiling boards.
The wood is bleached prior to a
light amber stain application to
achieve the maximum effect. If
you want your bar to make a bold
statement request this option.
Row of classic wooden boats with blonde accents. Splash this on your bar.
Photo © 2006 Tim Rochte
A barrelback style in the
foreground has dark walnut
stained covering boards and
king planks with the runabout
next door more of a medium
tone. They both have "smooth"
tops where the deck is even with
the covering boards similar to
our flush bar top. The convex
individually fillet caulked surface
is not very practical for setting
drinks or anything else on so is
not incorporated in our bars.
Although, balancing a glass on
the barrelback could be a built in
sobriety check.
Walnut covering boards on these boats are optional on Barina Craft's home bars.
Photo © 2006 Tim Rochte
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Special requests are welcomed. If you see something here or elsewhere
not listed as a standard option that you would like to have quoted please
ask. Refer to the
custom bar furniture quotations page for a complete list.

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