2 1/2 oz  gin
1/2 oz  dry vermouth
1 olive
(use cocktail onion for gibson)

Home Bars | Popular Cocktail Recipes:

Print this page & store in your home bar's drawer or liquor cabinet for a handy resource when entertaining. Spills are bound to happen so laminating will
make this reference easy to wipe clean & ready for your next party. These mixed drink recipes serve as starting points of cocktails which frequently appear
on lists of top 10 most popular. See article on
stocking home bars for ten popular cocktails. Experiment with different combinations, amounts and garnishes.
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1 1/2 oz  vodka
3/4 oz  coffee liqueur
(1 oz  light cream or milk)
1 1/2 oz  white rum
1 oz  lime juice
1 tsp  superfine sugar
(1/2 oz  strawberry schnapps)
(1 oz  blended strawberries)
2 oz   tequila
1 oz  orange liqueur
1/2 oz  lime juice
lime wedges
(rim glass w/ salt - optional)
2 oz   rum
1 oz  sweet n sour mix
1 oz  club soda
1 tsp ea  lime juice & sugar
3 - 4  mint sprigs
2 oz   brandy or bourbon
1 oz  orange liqueur
1/2 oz  lemon juice
(rim glass w/ sugar - optional)
Bloody Mary cocktail with celery stalk, lemon wedge and olive garnish is a brunch favorite.
1 1/2 oz  vodka
3 oz  tomato juice
1 tbs  lemon juice
1/2 tsp  Worcestershire sauce
2 - 3 drops  hot sauce
Long Island Iced Tea with four spirits & a liqueur packs a punch popular with younger crowds.
1/2 oz  each of four white liquors:
gin, rum, tequila & vodka
1/2 oz  orange liqueur
1 oz  sweet 'n sour mix
1 dash  cola
2 oz  rum
2 oz  coconut liqueur
3 oz  pineapple juice
2 oz  gin
1 oz  lemon juice
1 tsp  superfine sugar
3 oz  club soda
1 ea  cherry & orange slices
2 oz  vodka
1 oz  orange liqueur
1 oz  cranberry juice
1 dash  lime juice
2 oz  vodka
5 oz  orange juice
1 1/2 oz  rye whiskey
1/2 oz  sweet vermouth
1 dash  aromatic bitters
1  cherry
2 oz   bourbon whiskey
1 dash  club soda
1 dash  lime juice
1/2 tsp  sugar
1 small handful mint sprigs
2 oz  whiskey
1 oz  
sweet and sour mix
(1 tsp  club soda)
(2 dashes  bitters)
Bartending Terms & Tips:

1 Dash..............................
1 Teaspoon
1 Tablespoon
1 Pony...................................
1 Jigger............................
1 Cup.....................................

ounce (oz)

1 1/2

Muddle - combine ingredients by pressing
them together in the bottom of a glass or
bowl with a
muddler (baseball bat shaped
pestle) using a twisting motion.

Partially fill your bar's fruit pan / dry sink
with ice and nestle bowls of fruit, garnish,
hors d'oeuvres and dip to stay fresh.  
Listed garnishes are considered recipe
classics but try substituting combinations
or adding extra ingredients.
Please, Always Drink Responsibly.
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Home bar recipes for mixed drinks & cocktail favorites.
Mint Julep (muddle and strain)
Black Russians are popular with cream as a 'white' drink too.
Black Russian (add for white)
Daiquiri (add for strawberry)
Mojito (rub mint inside glass first)
Whiskey Sour (add to old fashioned)
Marguerita (Margarita)
Pina Colada drink with pineapple and cherry garnish.
Classic gin Martini with three olives.
Margarita cocktail with lime slice.
Whiskey sour old fashioned drink with cherries.
Tom Collins drink with orange slice & cherry is a long time popular classic.
Manhattan with rye whiskey competes for king of cocktails.
Screwdriver cocktail is wildly popular morning drink.
Frozen strawberry daiquiri may be most popular blended home bar drink.
Sidecar cocktail with brandy remains a classic favorite.
Cosmopolitan cocktail is fancy version of kamikaze, popular with younger crowds.
Mojito cocktail, a crowd favorite popular in bars & nightclubs, with mint sprigs, lime wedges & wooden muddler.
Mint Julep is signature drink of Kentucky derby & southern favorite.