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Perhaps the path most traveled when incorporating a home bar into a rooms interior design is to have one custom built into the space.  The
style, colors and wood perfectly match the surrounding architectural details with seamless transitions so that it blends into the rest of the
house or room decor.  You might have to look around a bit to notice it.  Just as elegant as the rest of the room, they are truly beautiful.  Many
will say that is the whole point and strive for this.  Pretty hard to argue with.  But ...

Why not follow a different path and let your sculpted solid wood home bar make a statement as a collection piece which sparks conversation
and becomes a part of your family heirlooms.  Have your bar furniture attract attention and be the focal point rather than blending in.  As well
as being functional, it can serve as artwork which will draw your eyes towards it.  Choose a location where you can place / orient your bar in a
position that ignites a reaction from you and your guests each time they enter the space.  In what may be deemed the road less traveled, try
exploring the following creative possibilities and ideas:

  • Create a cove, real or faux, placed in the middle of one wall which architecturally flows with the room and situate
    your bar in front on display as a functional sculpture.
  • Explore a similar approach utilizing a transition or corner.  These scenarios allow architecturally designed in
    back / side bars and display areas to provide continuity and added convenience while your main bar is
    showcased with prominence.
  • Back bar extensions allow for additional stools and multiple seating arrangements.  This is a versatile option
    providing a variety of alternatives for shape, size and layout configurations for your home's bar room area.
  • Maintain the room's design details and styling while transitioning to the bar space with different accent stains
    and / or wood choices.
  • A simple free standing placement with minimal accompanying furnishings and decor accessories would
    beautifully highlight the graceful lines and accentuate the handcrafted details.
Home Bar Interior Design Page | Left Edge
Home Bar Interior Design Page | Right Edge
Floor plan layout with home bar and stools over tiled room space.
Review a larger scaled drawing illustrating layout space required for our home bars when surrounded by a full set of bar stools.  Additional seating options are detailed above depending on orientation, floor plan and the incorporation of side / back bar units in the final design.

CAD files in multiple formats will be available for homeowners, architects, interior designers and building contractors for computer aided design and software applications.
While pondering a home bar design, contemplate fitting the space to the bar rather than vise versa and reflect
on the final passage of this famous poem:

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

… Robert Frost

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Interior design tips for home bar rooms integration.