Ice Bucket with Tongs or Scoop - a lidded and insulated container preserves the ice a little longer.

Bar Spoon - both for measuring and stirring.  Not quite the same as a cocktail shaker for certain drinks but will get the job done.  Need one
with a long handle for use in tall glasses.

Coasters and Bar Towels - spills are bound to happen.  You'll be glad a towel or two is handy.  Solid rimmed coasters with felt pads will
help protect your bar furniture from potential damage due to temperature, condensation and scratches.  See
fine wood furniture care and use
for more information.

Glasses & Stemware - extensive array of choices.  Many are designed specifically for or are associated with certain drinks.  A large back
bar or storage area is needed to include them all.  Start with martini / cocktail, wine and old fashioned glassware sets.  A shot glass can be
used to measure liquids if you don't have a jigger.

This basic starter set of tools and accessories is really all you need to begin with and many are probably already on hand.  Add shakers,
strainers, muddlers and other bartending equipment later to impress your guests with a little flair mixing up some of the fancier cocktails.  
Having your own bar at home is great for entertaining.  Review these resources for additional ideas and invite some friends over:

Home Bars | Essential Bartending Tools & Barware:

Corkscrew / Wine & Bottle Opener - corkscrews mimic the mousetrap in that someone
always seems to be in search of a better invention.

  • Double bladed type - a bit awkward.  The blades are inserted in between the cork and the
    bottle's neck pushing the long side in first.  Use a twist and pull motion together to
    remove the cork.  The cork can be replaced without damage with reverse action and then
    rocking the blades back and forth against the flat sides while pulling.

  • Waiter's friend - this style is also known as a wine key or sommelier's knife (a sommelier
    manages the wine service in a bar, restaurant or hotel and usually has extensive
    knowledge about wine and food pairings).  Arm folds down and acts as a pivot against
    the top edge of the rim while removing.  Need to counterbalance the forces while pulling.

  • Winged version - probably the easiest of these corkscrews to use.  The circular tip
    references the outside of the wine bottle's rim and centers the screw on the cork.  Turning
    the upper handle raises the wings up while the screw engages.  Then, pushing down on
    the wings / levers together pulls the cork out with minimal effort.

All three types pictured here have a bottle opener integrated into the design.  There are countless
other varieties available to choose from with new styles and functionality being invented.
Three types of corkscrews including one with twin parallel blades, a waiter's corkscrew or sommelier's knife & the winged style varieties.
"Reminds me of my safari in Africa.
Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water ." ... W.C. Fields
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