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RSS | Really Simple Syndication Feed Basics, Subscribing Info

What's RSS? - a way to get news & information all in one place whenever you choose.  The most popular
phrase "really simple syndication" generically refers to these feeds sometimes called "xml" & "atom" and
are usually displayed as orange or blue buttons like the one on the left.

Why do I want this? - instead of emails clogging your system or visiting multiple web sites to stay
informed.  Many people use a personalized home page such as MyYahoo, MyMSN or iGoogle.  The content  
preferences you set are actually RSS feeds you're interested in.  Dedicated feed readers are also an option.

Where do I find RSS feeds? - websites you visit will display clickable icons if they offer a feed.  Some
will tell your browser its available & a symbol will highlight in the toolbar.  You can also search for feeds
matching your interests just like anything else you search for.
How do I subscribe? - click the feed button to open the page.  Copy the URL (i.e. from the address bar.  Then
paste the URL into your reader / portal in the place for adding a feed.  Simple as that & just as easy to unsubscribe.
Get Barina Craft's home bar furniture feed powered by Feedburner.
Click & confirm - some sites will provide buttons linked directly to the service providers like those on the left.  
Normally when picked they will be automatically added after confirming your intention.  The process may vary slightly
and you'll be asked to log in if you're not already.  These are just a few among many you'll see.  Single aggregator
buttons are becoming popular where one click opens a menu of choices.
Barina Craft's bar furniture feed - will feature the latest news and information on products, articles, press, humor & more.  The URL on
Feedburner is  A host of reader service choices are available in addition to those
above, along with bookmarking and sharing features.  You may also request email delivery instead of using RSS if you prefer.  While our
marine inspired, boat constructed & nautical themed home bar furniture will be showcased, much of the content will be more general.  Try it
out and subscribe now.

Any other options? - You can also follow us on Twitter and connect on Facebook by becoming a fan.  We tweet messages on Twitter when
the feed has been updated and the full article is posted on Facebook.  Both of these popular services contain a variety of features including
interactivity and are also convenient ways to stay informed.   We find home bars related items of interest from around the globe including
furniture, decor, interior design ideas, barware, beer, cocktails, wine, entertaining and much more.   Join in using the links below.
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