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This page lists recent updates, changes, additions and features to Barina Craft's home bar furniture site with the latest items listed first.  If you
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Bars Inn Your Home | Barina Craft.Bars Inn Your Home is Barina Craft's new site helping you to maximize your investment in entertainment furniture and have a lot of fun along the way.  Everything related to home bars and plenty of humor because nothing gets the party started like sharing a few laughs with your family, friends and guests. Subscribe with your favorite feed reader or by email.

  • If you're a wine lover, then how to store wine under ideal conditions will help maximize the enjoyment of a bar in your home.  Achieving a near perfect environment becomes more important with increased storage time.  However, even wine purchased for consumption within days or weeks can benefit by implementing these suggestions at least partially.

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  • What does NCIS special agent Gibbs building boats in the basement have in common with home bars?  Well we couldn't resist having a little fun with this comparison.  First, Gibbs is a marine and our pub designs are marine inspired.  He builds boats and our personal taverns incorporate many elements of classic wooden boat design.  His are built in the basement and many choose to build a bar room in their home's basement area.  Lastly, no one knows for sure how he gets them out of the cellar, but we have a solution for you.  Have a few laughs and then choose the nautical bar furniture options right for you.

  • The chart of food and wine pairings charts is a compilation of recommendations from several expert wine sources.  All suggested wine and food pairing matches were combined and displayed to show the most commonly recommended matching pairs.  Includes red & white wines paired with a smorgasbord of food selections ranging from simple to sophisticated.  A great starting point for tending bar at home.  Keep a copy handy as a general reference guide.

  • Our guidelines for bar stool layout with spacing & height recommendations will help you correctly determine how many are needed and how tall they should be to optimize comfort and usability.  Knowing this information before looking for your barstools will help focus only on seating choices meeting certain criteria.

  • Trying to find complimentary wine & food pairings?  Thousands of recommendations for matching drinks to cuisine will spark some creative ideas.  Everything from appetizers to wild game & gourmet to snacks paired with Amaretto to Zinfandel & beer to champagne.  Choose either a recipe or a beverage to start exploring suggested pairs.

  • Compare nautical bars to classic wooden boats by reviewing the photos on this page.  An array of pictures illustrate a variety of design elements typical to runabouts in particular.  Many of these features are incorporated into our furniture.

  • Selecting home bar tops explores some of differences between what may be considered a traditional versus a more contemporary bar top style.  Barina Craft offers both classic and modern designs with marine inspiration.

  • See how we build our bars from the inside out.  In process pictures show our home bars being built along with selected step by step descriptions for a better understanding.  Building bars with curved designs starts within custom fixturing to assure proper alignment.
Many new items are announced with in depth descriptions providing extra details as press releases and can be reviewed there.  Also, a
comprehensive list of standard features normally offered with our furniture along with pricing can be found on the custom quotes / purchase
page.  Special requests are always welcomed and we encourage you to inquire about specific options desired but not located within.
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