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Wood Screws
Barina Craft's Bespoke Home Bars Get Bronzed

Like the look of pre-war era classic wooden boats?  Request silicon bronze Frearson drive wood screws be used in certain areas for authenticity.  Widely used during the 1930s and 40s, they are still in use and valued by traditional boatbuilders today.  Frearson screw heads use a cross shaped tool cavity similar to the Phillips minus the cam out aspects with a sharper angle.  The bronze material forms a natural patina as it ages which dulls the shine and tends to blend in producing a look preferred by many.

The list of standard customizable elements continues to grow.  Current options available include a variety of stain choices (main and accent), different wood species, recessed or smooth bar tops, starboard / port designs, wine racks, stemmed glass holders, shelves, liquor cabinet with lock, ball bearing sliding drawer, bottle wells, fruit pan / dry sink and more.  A multitude of home bars can be created through unique combinations of the various options.  Personalize your bar for a truly one of a kind piece by adding a gold leaf emblem, monogram or name.
Accent Stain
Home Bars by Barina Craft ⇒ Bleached Blondes Optional

Blonde accented king planks, covering boards, spray rails and other elements in various combinations have provided styling characteristics to many classic wooden boats.  You may now customize your own home bar with this bold option.  In addition to the three standard main stain choices with or without a walnut accent, bleached blondes join the highlight selections available in their expansive list.
Leveled Smooth
Barina Craft Introduces Flush Bar Top

In keeping with classic wooden boat design, many, if not most, had ‘smooth’ decks with few, if any, protruding elements other than hardware.  You may now choose a level plane mounted or recessed bar top for your home bar.  Both reflect the beauty and grace of traditional designs.  The growing list of standard features translates into an extensive array of combinations for virtually any home bar wish list or requirement.
Kick Off
Barina Craft Debuts Artisan Crafted Home Bar Furniture

Dublin, OH - Barina Craft, a manufacturer of home furnishings, is marking the Spring of 2009 with the introduction of their heirloom quality home bar furniture.

Designed and created with classic wooden boat elements using traditional methods.  Solid steam bent mahogany planks over a batten and frame design is utilized.  The resulting indoor home bar appears to be a boat sliced in half from bow to stern.  The compound curved hull with spray and rub rails, decks, covering and ceiling boards, etc. are some of the features which make this truly distinctive and exquisite furniture.  The marine inspired designs have an extensive variety of features available for personalization and customization which enables adaptability to individual room design and preferences.  Special option requests will be considered.

Founded in 2007,  Barina Craft is offering home bars via their website with shipments throughout the contiguous United States.  All of their distinctive bar furniture is handcrafted in the USA with complete details available at
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Barina Craft 2009 Press Page | Right Edge
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Social Media
Barina Craft Website Redesign

This new integration of features and layout allows easier navigation and organization during the planning phase and for future reference. The decision to incorporate a bar room or pub area in your house is an involved process requiring the coordination of many aspects as the changes are long lasting and may affect the value of your home.

Most notable is the addition of bookmarking and sharing capabilities.  A unified footer design makes organizing your project more convenient. These third party services make collecting all your ideas in one location very easy to reference, analyze and share.  Soliciting feedback and opinion from a trusted friend can be invaluable in moving plans forward and affirming decisions.

New articles, photos, tips and ideas for home bars help to address the issues.  Planning topics on interior design, bar stool selection, wood furniture care and a comprehensive frequently asked questions section are included along with many others.  Another important change is the larger page size.  A steady decline of visitors accessing the website using narrower monitor widths prompted the decision.  Increased font size, images and layout flexibility enhances the shopping experience visually and functionally.
Finish Options
Details Are Often Glossed Over On Home Bars

In keeping with the traditional styling of classic wooden boats, our nautically inspired bar furniture is protected with several layers of a high gloss top coating on most of the external surface areas.  While this stunning finish treatment really makes a dazzling statement, a softer appearance may be preferable for many and is easier to maintain.  If this look is too bold for the interior design being pursued, you may specify your preference as a semi-gloss or a satin application to suit.  All of these choices are absolutely beautiful and will allow individual style selection to complement the home's desired architecture and decor theme.

The array of customizable features normally offered continues to multiply.  The current list of standard options includes a variety of distinctive stain choices for both the main and accent areas, range of wood types, flat or sunken bar tops, starboard or port models, integrated wine storage rack and stemmed glassware holding fixtures, liquor cabinet with safety locks on door reducing the risk of access to children, accessories drawer with ball bearing slides, multiple stainless steel fruit pan / dry sink and bottle well arrangements, Frearson drive silicone bronze screws in select locations, authentic marine cleat hardware as handles and many more.  Special requests allow for truly unique personalization and are always welcomed.
New Website
Barina Craft Launches “Bars INN Your Home” Blog

Home bars have experienced a resurgence in popularity as a way to add elegance, value and flexible entertaining options for family, friends and guests.  Bars ‘Inn’ Your Home focuses on maximizing your investment in entertainment furniture.

Barina Craft on Tumblr, a popular blogging platform, will feature tips and ideas on home bars along with a shot of humor to help get things started.  This new stage will highlight all related topics for choosing, using, caring and most importantly, enjoying your personal pub.

Hosting a gathering for a specific event or just to spend time with people close to you in the comfort of your home should always be a special occasion.  Kitchen areas are usually not the best locations for groups for a variety of reasons, yet without a specific location elsewhere in your house, this is probably where many will end up trying to squeeze into.  Having entertainment rooms with integrated bars designed in solves this problem with dedicated recreation areas for serving food and drinks as well as guest chairs / stools and other activities to choose from.

After the perfect setup, providing variety with meals, beverages, themes, etc. is important to avoid “same as last time” boredom.  A range of suggestions on bartending tools / equipment, food / mixed drink recipes, themes and decor along with other aspects will be presented as a planning resource.  Of course, nothing breaks the ice like laughter so comic relief, jokes and other humor will be mixed in as party starters.

Bars In Your Home is available online at  Convenient access is provided through a host of options including RSS subscriptions using feed readers / homepages or email delivery and / or by following with Facebook or Twitter.
Gift Store
Barina Craft Opens New Shop on

Shop features a variety of unique items sure to please every home bar enthusiast and owner.  Find shot glasses, beer steins, coffee mugs, can coolers, water bottles & more beverage accessories along with an assortment of fun gear and entertaining gifts.

Visitors to the Bar Ware, Gifts & Accessories Store can purchase a selection of customized designs printed from a gallery of exclusive Barina Craft graphics.  CafePress, the leading source for high quality custom printed products, now enables Barina Craft shoppers to reflect their interests, passions and affiliations.

The storefront signage has a white on blue design with antique lettering to highlight the nautical inspiration common to the company's furniture.  New products and artwork geared towards this theme, a shot of humor to get the party started and other designs will be featured.

Whether entertaining inside or out .. drinkware, bar gear and related gifts for all occasions will be available for purchase in a choice of styles, sizes and colors.  For more information on specific products and pricing please visit
Email / RSS
Barina Craft Consolidates Newsletter Feeds

After launching the blog Bars Inn Your Home, the rss feed / email newsletters for the entertainment and the furniture store areas of the website have been mostly separated and promoted individually on the their subsections at and respectively. This has lead to some confusion surrounding subscription content and maintenance issues internally.

This press release serves to announce the consolidation of the two news updates into a single feed as summarized below. It is available for convenient delivery as either rss / feed reader or email newsletter formats by clicking the highlighted links and subscribing using the associated sign up forms.

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