Home bar, Mystique starboard left rear view.
Home bar, Mystique starboard right rear view.
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Home bar, Mystique starboard left front view.
Home bar, Mystique starboard right front view.
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Request A Custom Bar Furniture Quotation:

Base price is $18,974.00  Choose home bar style.
Mystique - starboard
Mystique - port
Bar top preference.  Recessed is shown on the product
page.  Smooth will have the deck flush with the covering
External surface area top coat finish appearance.  High
gloss is the traditional classic wooden boat choice, has
the highest sheen and is hardest to maintain. Satin has
a low sheen and is the easist to care for.
High gloss
Semi - gloss
Select main stain choice.  Standard is shown on the
product page.  As their name implies, the other choices
have a browner or redder color respectively.
Standard Mahogany
Brown Mahogany
Red Mahogany
Bilge area and under deck finish choices.  Standard
mahogany paint with clear coat (CC) protection over
various woods, i.e. mahogany, oak, poplar, etc. is shown
on the product page.
Mahogany paint with clear coat.
CC over oak, mahogany planks exposed.  Add $759.00
CC over all mahogany.  Add $1,014.00
Accent stain on covering boards / arm rails and deck trim.
Same as main stain choice.
Walnut.  Add $299.00
Blonde.  Add $369.00
Teak and holly floorboard.  Add $334.00  Matches the
deck otherwise.
4in deep stainless steel bottle well and dry sink / fruit pan
choice combinations.  Must specify location if single
bottle well is chosen.  Bow or stern.  Please add to
comments.  Stern bottle well location may not be usable
if installing a compact refrigerator taller than 20.8in (not
included).  Bottle wells are ≈  5.3in x 5.9in and the dry
sink / fruit pan is ≈ 9.3in x 11.5in.
No bottle wells, no pan.
One bottle well, no pan.  Add $87.00
Two bottle wells, no pan.  Add $178.00
No bottle wells, one pan.  Add $157.00
One bottle well, one pan.  Add $246.00
Two bottle wells, one pan.  Add $336.00
Adjustable shelf.  Add $119.00  Will not be usable if
installing a compact refrigerator (not included).
Stemware holders.  Add $94.00  Will not be usable if
installing a compact refrigerator (not included).
Wine rack.  Add $189.00
Gold leaf monogram, name, design, etc. on transom.  
Must provide design.  May delay initial quote.
Will product be shipped to an Ohio address?
Shipping options - If you require additional handling,
(inside delivery, for example) this is not included in the
shipping price. You will have to request  the additional
handling directly with the freight company and pay the
additional charge directly to them.
Freight terminal pickup
Curbside delivery (if available in your area)
We will make every effort to accommodate any other specific options or features not listed above.  Any special requests
may delay your quotation and affect pricing, however you will receive an email indicating the initial status and any follow
up questions we have.  Please complete the information below and click the "Submit Request" button for processing.
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