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How does NCIS special agent Gibbs get those boats out of his home's basement?
On the popular tv series NCIS, special agent
Leroy Jethro Gibbs, played by Mark Harmon,
has built several boats down in his basement.
However, two small windows & one door at the
top of the stairs appear to be the only way out.

He may have alluded to burning one after
divorcing a wife it was named after, referred to
breaking the bottle & told a marine's son
about possibly tearing down a wall as various
solutions. In one episode, two people are
found drifting aboard the ship he named after
his daughter Kelly, which means at least one
of his hand built vessels was successfully

So how did he do it? Not sure, but ...

Here's how you can get a boat into your basement or home,
not have to build it in place and be able to move it.
As a home bar :)
Well, half a boat anyway.  They won't float
but our
marine inspired home bars retain
as many nautical design elements as
practical while being fully functioning
indoor pub bars for home entertaining.

Handcrafted by artisans in the USA out of
steam bent solid mahogany & other fine
hardwoods.  Luxury bar furniture will add
sophisticated elegance to your home and
is destined to be cherished for
generations.  Plus, you can dream about
being on the water while enjoying your
favorite liquid refreshments.  Barina Craft's
nautical boat bars are in from the outdoors.
A home bar by Barina Craft.
Just having fun.  Make plans to enjoy a bar in the comfort of your home and have a few laughs.
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