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Interior Design Ideas

Take the road less traveled when
considering how your home bar should be
integrated with the interior design of your
entertainment space. Suggestions are
provided to stimulate creativity in directions
you may not have given much thought to.
Browse the
interior design with home bars
Look Behind the Scenes

Photos and descriptions provide insight
into the complexity of creating marine
inspired solid wood bars. In process
steam bending illustrations, jigs, fixtures
and more. Get a glimpse inside during a
bar's build & construction.
Bar Top Selection

Debate the factors in choosing  between  
a flush or recessed bar top for your home
bar. Both are popular and available from
Barina Craft.  Style and functionality may
play a role and influence the final decision.
selecting a bar top.
Selecting Bar Stools

Determine the correct bar stool sizing and
the number needed to comfortably
entertain and fit your home bar's design.
bar stool height & layout requirements
guide suggests recommendations for seat
spacing and matching heights between
stools and bars.
Stocking Home Bars for 10 Popular

Every list is a little different but these
mixed drinks rise to the top of most. This
compilation is really 17 cocktails which
were loosely grouped into 10 categories
based on similarities. Includes a checklist
to get the home bar owner started and for
ongoing party preparation. Read the full
stocking home bars article.
Fine Wood Furniture Care

A broad range of wood furniture care
topics are addressed including wood
characteristics, temperature, humidity,
sunlight, dusting, furniture care products,
wax, moving and others. Complete details
on our
care of fine wood furniture page.
Comparing Boat Bar Features

Adapting classic wooden boat elements
into home bar designs. Boat show pictures
offer a side by side review of styles,
stains, construction & more. Visualize a
variety of
boat to bar comparisons.
Wine Storage and Bottle Care

Having your bar ready for entertaining
often involves keeping a variety of wines
on hand for convenience. Review the
guide to storing wine for recommendations
on the ideal environment in an area of your
home. Light, temperature, humidity, bottle
orientation and more need consideration to
avoid adverse effects while stored / aged.
Popular Home Bar Cocktail Recipes

Quick reference sheet providing recipe
suggestions for the top mixed drinks listed
in the stocking your home bar article. A
few bartending tips as well make this
convenient to refer to during entertaining.
Review all of the recipe ingredients for the
10 most popular cocktails.
Essential Home Bartending Tools
and Barware

Basic starter set suggestions for
equipping your home bar for entertaining.
Several corkscrew variations are
presented along with stemware and other
tips. Scan the
basic bartending equipment
Pairing Wine with Food

Searching for the perfect complement to a
special meal? Get recommendations and
ideas for food and wine pairs which
match and accentuate one another. The
chart of wine & food pairing charts is a
compilation of sources providing a quick
Still Want More?  These articles form
the core knowledge center of sorts with
answers to many common questions
about home bars in general and specifics
about Barina Craft's furniture as well. A
combination of shopping guides, reference
information & recommendations along with
some of the most popular how to topics
are included. Site search has much more.
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