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Determining Bar Stools Layout Space Requirements

The industry standard guidelines on furniture layout for bar stool spacing generally lie in the 26-30 inch range between the centers of
individual stools.  We recommend a minimum distance of 28 inches center to center to truly allow comfortable eating, drinking and
socializing, particularly when factoring in men's sizes.  This measurement may need to increase when the bar stool's design is larger than
the person seated in them, such as those with swivel backs and arm rests.  Measure the length of each continuous straight or curved
outside perimeter section individually to find how many stools are needed per segment, unless you plan on having corner seating
arrangements, which is usually not desired.
These recommendations will help you correctly size and determine the quantity of bar stools required when planning for a bar in your home.  
The remaining decisions involving matching the barstools to the bar, room decor and architecture are more personal taste related.  Be sure
review our home bar designs and your optional choices carefully so the selected stools will complement your bar's stain, wood, style
and other preferences.
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Most bar stools can be placed closer together while stored than when in actual use.  Also, you may want to buy one or more extra than can
normally sit at your bar. These can provide additional seating for guests at larger parties and / or to let the bartender take a break.  Our
signature bar, the Mystique, can comfortably seat five adults around the patron side of the pub so to speak with a 28 inch plus centerline
barstool span. The curving perimeters of our bar designs also ease social interaction by minimizing the need to lean forward or back to talk
to someone two positions over.  Including the host / bartender, a total of six people or three couples can be entertained while gathered

Suggested Bar Stool Heights

The height of your barstools should fall in the commonly recommended 29-32 inch tall measured distance from the floor to the top of the seat
for home bars with table heights of 41-44 inches above the floor.  Barina Craft's smooth bar tops stand nearly 43.5 inches high.  The
recessed bartops are positioned lower and surrounded by the raised arm railing.  If a barstool features foam padding or spring cushioning,
we suggest selecting a stool which is closer to 32 inches tall or slightly taller to factor in compression of the cushions which effectively
reduces the chair's overall height while seated.
Home bar room layout showing barstools spaced around pub.
28 in
Recommended Minimum Spacing Between Barstools In A Home Bar Layout
Mystique shown to scale above 12 inch square tiles as a floor plan view to aid in interior design and room planning.
15 inch diameter bar stools (size to suit as desired).
Position up to five stools around this bar.
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Suggestions on spacing, height & selecting barstools for home bars.