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Home Bar Construction Steps & Build Photos:

The Mystique starboard model pictured below illustrates some of the typical process steps involved showing how we build our marine
inspired bar furniture creations.  The fine handcrafted details will accentuate the elegance and beauty of your home.  Certain to be admired
as sculpture or artwork as well as entertaining your guests.  
Forming the Battens

Air dried oak is steam bent and left to cool / set in place before
being fitted and mounted to the frame members.  Temporary
fixturing is used for accurate alignment of individual pieces
during the initial fabrication phases and in later stages.

Each curved batten forms a rib on the internal structure which
shapes and attaches to other elements building the bar together
with interlocking layers.  Mahogany may also be used and is a
standard option.
Initial home bar fixture during creation of batten to frame assembly.
Building curving home bars begins in a fixture.
Topside Planks Installation

Solid mahogany boards must be individually fitted to one
another to produce a nearly imperceptible seam. They appear to
be straight after installation, however before bending they
resemble a sort of curved hockey stick type of shape.

Stainless steel fasteners secure these to the battens / frame
and wooden plugs hide the screw heads.  These bungs are
created from the same lumber stock and oriented with the grain
when installed for the closest possible match.
Topside planks installed during home bar fabrication.
Bar's outer shell takes shape as exterior planking is mounted.
Shaping the Ceiling Boards

The planking applied to the interior framework is also steam
bent mahogany which is molded in place parallel to the exterior
curves.  As with most aspects of this type of design, construction
requires extensive use of specialized custom jigs and fixtures
while the bar is built to form, align and perform other operations
during assembly.
Home bar construction showing the forming of ceiling boards.
Bending solid wood panels inside the bar to create inner skins.
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