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Classic Design

Traditional bar designs, whether for home, pub or restaurant, usually include a large distinctive moulding which surrounds and separates
the bartender from the patron or guest.  This perimeter railing normally protrudes above the bar top acting as an elbow or arm rest and
potentially containing some of the spills.

Since the vast majority of home bars are simply rectangular plywood boxes in various configurations, the arm rail and other decorative
molding strips fastened to corners and / or arranged in patterns on the front / side walls are what provide the styling characteristics.  These
details are often designed into a specific layout, as different wood species and / or finished in a way to make them stand out or complement
the architecture, theme or decor of the room.

Modern Styling

In what may be considered more of a contemporary design, many bars will have flat or smooth bar tops.  Stone, tile, laminate, wood, glass,
brick and a variety of other materials are among the many choices for either style.  Compared to a set back lower level, these bartops may
offer a little more table real estate so to speak from the same footprint, translating into a slight increase in the surface area available for
drinks, garnishes and more.  Some schools of thought suggest fewer spills happen since there is no raised edge for glasses to bump into.  
Of course, alcohol being involved may have something to do with the accidents.
Barina Craft

In keeping with classic wooden boat design, some had trim and other functional pieces above the deck while many were smooth with few if
any protruding elements other than hardware.  So whether you subscribe to a particular spillage theory ( containment versus reduction ) or
just prefer one style over the other, the choice is yours.

Barina Craft offers home bars with flush mounted or recessed bar top styles as standard options.  The simplified cross section view above
illustrates the main bartop components and relative positions / orientations in a drawing isolated from the base unit and support structure
underneath.  Both reflect the beauty and elegance of traditional nautical designs.  
Which top surface do you prefer for your home's bar?
Bar top construction diagram showing moulding profile orientations & style choices.
Bar Top Design Styles ... Flush / Smooth vs. Extended Edge Molding
rub rail - steam bent in place
arm rail moulding - cut to match bar curves
flush bar top level
recess mounted table height
base plate
curved finish trim / raised lip on sunken configuration
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Selecting home bar tops, highlighting a variety of table surfaces to choose from.